Connecting with trees

Explore the mystical lands of Sintra in a meditative hike. This time, our focus is towards trees.


Dive into your inner space through a musical journey in the forest with a integrated guided meditation.


zen sunset

A contemplative and meditative walk that ends with a yoga session facing the sunset on the oceanside.


An introspection-oriented walk with mindfulness activities to help you reestablish your inner balance.

writing with nature

A transformative and refreshing inner journey through a therapeutic writing guided session in nature.

mindful moon

Merge into the forest and let your path be iluminated by the white and mystical light of a full moon.

Hike & sketch

A sketching session in the forest focusing on nature's fascinating patterns simple but accurate design.

land art walk

Creating an impermanent natural installation, appreciating the beauty in shedding the old and building the new.