A Tree. A short essay about Her.


A blowing in the heart, which yawns, and creates a home slowly, makes a root as the first step and creates a matrix.
This tree teaches us without knowing. And a secret begins. Teaching without knowing is love. Your heart grows, and it appears in different ways when it remembers that it exists. There are thousands of people living inside this tree, in the warm, close to each other. They are also words that live within it that communicates in silence, the secrets and the absolute truths that are matrices for life. Relax. Observe.
Because just by existing, she's already teaching you, she sometimes doesn't need to be close to you.

Within your silence is your truth, in encounter with our truth. We walk sometimes on the same path, But by different ways.
All this could be almost a child's whisper, but it's nothing more than being here. Close to this tree.


Article by Diana Rogagels