Magical Azores

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Some call it Mata da Serreta, I call it magic woods. It’s one of the many inspirational places we can find in Terceira Island, located right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Full of moss, rich vegetation and beautiful trees. I can tell you the green was different from the usual green we’re used to. It was actually pretty alive and shinning. Every little ray of the sunlight made every color stand out like a real children’s color book with all those garrulous tones. 

I have always been that kind of person who’s unceasingly trying to find in the reality indications of imagination and animated creations. Serreta made very clear to me all my doubts and questions. That was exactly the birth place of trolls, fairies and gnomes. Every time I went to that mountain all those green rocks were quite suggestive to our imagination skills. 

If you ever get the chance to visit this place, take off your shoes and feel the humid grass. Open your mind and let your imagination guide you through the several trills you can find there. Touch the trees, feel the breeze, listen to the wind and all the colors it has to sing you. There, anything is possible and everything loses its tremendous virtual importance and anxiety. 


Article by Raquel Banha

João Diasazores, natureComment