Some of the most frequently asked questions we get. If your question is not shown here, please send us a message with it in the contact page.


How do i keep informed about upcoming events?

To keep updated about our next walks and trips, make sure you follow us on our social media platforms (facebook and instagram) - there we share, in advance, all the upcoming events. Also, you can click on "Events" section in our website and see all the events that are scheduled to the next weeks. You may as well subscribe to our monthly newsletter in which, besides informing you about the upcoming events, we share photos and fun facts about our project.

i don't have a car. how can i get to the nature spots of the events?

Don't worry! In order to make our walks accessible to everyone we created a carpool system to help you get to the natural areas in which we organize our events. This system is used to promote ridesharing among the participants as the main way for them to get to our events' places. By doing so, we not only make it possible for everyone to come but also reduce our carbon footprint.

what if an event is cancelled due to weather conditions?

If the weather conditions are not suitable an event might get canceled. In this situation, you will receive an email in which you will be given two options: to be given a coupon code that you can use to register to the event's new date or any other event of the same type; or you can choose to receive a 90% refund. An exception may be made if the person that registered for the canceled activity is leaving the country before the upcoming event. In that case, the value is fully refundable.

I would like to go for a private walk, what should i do?

Whether it's in a family adventure or celebration with friends, we can provide that experience for you. If you want to request a personalized and private experience with us, go to our Experience section, choose the walk you prefer and click in "register". After, you can choose the date, the add-ons and after finishin gthe payment you will receive a confirmation email.

how can i register for an event?

If you are wanting to register for a future event, go to "Events" section in the top of our website, click in the event that you pretend to participate and then press "Register" - it will open a short form that you should fill. After submiting it, you will receive an email with the IBAN to which you should tranfer the value of the event in order to confirm your registration.

what should I bring to the group walks?

We suggest you to bring water, confortable shoes, warm clothes. You can also bring some light snacks altough we always provide fruits for all the participants. Besides that, and specially in the winter, you can bring your own towel or sheet - it will keep you warm when we do any kind of activities that require to sit down and stand still.

If I need to leave before the end of an event, is that ok?

Yes, in most of the cases we can make it work. If you come with your own car to the event you can leave sooner if you need to - we'll just ask you to inform us in advance so that we don't include your car in the carpooling system. If you don't come with your own car, it might be harder to take you back to the meeting point, but also, tell us in advance and we'll see what we can do.

Are the trails hard to hike?

Most of the walks are not so physically demanding. Usually our walks consist in  3/4 miles' trails - we consider them as easy and suitable for everyone, even for those who don't use to go out for nature walks that often. The only we ask the participants before coming to our walks is to assume that they have the minimum physical and psychological conditions to sustain the effort associated with this program, which is always detailed in each event page.