Connecting With Trees


From oxygen supply to an abundance of metaphors, trees have always had a significant presence in our existence as a species. This is an opportunity to reflect upon these beings and our ancient connection with them.




Trees have inspired humans for millennia. Vast and profound, their roots resemble our own, ever reminding us to ground ourselves onto this very earth. Their branches mirror our wishes to reach towards the sky and our own dreams. We invite you to learn valuable lessons from these fascinating and wise beings.

This walk consists of a contemplative hike enriched with many meditative moments and mindfulness-based group activities with a particular focus on trees, their ways, and their symbolic significance in our lives. It is a unique chance to connect with others, with the surrounding landscape and with yourself on a deeper and meaningful level.

The mystical landscape of Sintra-Cascais Natural Park is our chosen natural setting for this walk. Inhabited by different cultures throughout the ages, it is full of enchanted tales and historic relevance. Its forest’s rich vegetation creates a microclimate that makes these mountains such a unique and special place.


About the walk

Duration: 4h30min
Distance: 3km
Difficulty: 3/5
Max. Participants: 8

Meeting Point

Lisboa (Avenida da Liberdade 170)
Gps Coordinates: 38°43'11.2"N 9°08'41.3"W


You should bring:
Comfortable walking shoes, warm clothes, towel or blanket, water.


from 55€ per person

Students and Under 25 get 15% Off




Contemplative hike;
Guided meditation;
Mindfulness group exercises;
Environment ecological interpretation;
Landscape observation with a telescope;
Fruits to recharge the energies;
Personal accidents and civil liability insurances;


Photographic coverage;
Therapeutic massage;
Vegan cake.


If you have any further questions or problems during your booking process, please don't hesitate to contact us. Feel free to call (+351) 914 434 994.