Healing Experiences in Nature

Hike & Sketch
in Nature


Into the forest we go, with a pencil, a paper, and some crayons. It is a creative and mindful experience and a refreshing break from our technology-filled, overstimulated world.



Throughout a slow and contemplative walk in stunning protected landscapes, we will be directing our attention to the natural world's fascinating patterns, enchanting colors, and mesmerizing shapes. Every step we take, countless details show up and reveal nature's abundant creativity and intelligent designs.

We will take a gentle approach to drawing and painting, in which no prior art experience is required. Our intention will be to focus on the process instead of the outcome and keep free of expectations. That way, and while surrounded by so much beauty, we will create an amazing opportunity to explore our artistic side in an unrestrained way.

The unique landscape of Arriba Fóssil da Costa de Caparica is our chosen natural setting for this event. The unusual shapes of this fossil cliff can be seen in their full splendour at dusk, as they acquire the sunset’s golden tones. This woodland is a botanical reserve, dominated by native flowers, stone pines and mastic-trees.


About the walk

Duration: 4h30min
Distance: 3km
Difficulty: 2/5
Max. Participants: 8


Contemplative hike;
Drawing and painting materials;
Environment ecological interpretation;
Landscape observation with a telescope;
Fruits to recharge the energies;
Personal accidents and civil liability insurances;




Photographic coverage;
Therapeutic massage;
Vegan cake.







You should bring:
Comfortable walking shoes;
Warm clothes.

Meeting Point

Lisboa (Avenida da Liberdade 170)
GPS: 38°43'11.2"N 9°08'41.3"W

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